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Wise Greece: Social Entrepreneurship is the Future

Long before the prestigious awards she received from the UN and the World Bank for the original idea implemented, Melina Taprantzi worked in marketing and communication. Her observation and the high sense of social responsibility pushed her to put Wise Greece into practice. A classic win-win situation with a not at all classic proposal, she […]

Areti Efstathiou – from Creativity to Success?

Young Female Entrepreneur equals independence, creativity, leadership, and many more. It is always lovely to hear about young people with their businesses, either big or small, especially women who made it through the difficulties and made their dream job their real-life job. One of these women is Areti Efstathiou, a young Fashion Designer who designs […]

Poland good practice – Przedsiębiorcza Kobieta

We started in 2011 and from that time, every year we create unique events for women.Przedsiębiorcza Kobieta is part of Studenckie Forum Business Centre Club. Studenckie Forum attracts young people who want to achieve something in life, make a career and do something more than just study at university.  We also cooperate with partners who support […]

Poland – Good Practice Przedsiębiorczość jest kobietą

Summary of the practice/ project (please specify the activities and methodologies implemented) That project is aimed at women who want to do something for themselves. Because entrepreneurship concerns our whole life not only business. We teach women how they take care of their growth, health, money and better life in general.  We have prepared a […]

Good Practice -Dobbanto – women entrepreneurs competence development

Objectives The Dobbantó (Springboard) women entrepreneurs’ compet­ence development programme (Vállalkozónői Kompetencia­fejlesztési Program) was launched in Hungary in 2004 to increase entrepreneurial poten­tial and develop key competences such as business planning, pres­entation, IT and networking skills through a combination of training, advice and mentoring. Participants in the programme are women who plan to or currently run […]

Good Practice – Kaleidoscope: supporting female migrant entrepreneurs

Migrants experience higher unemployment and under-employed rates in EU countries compared to native citizens (OECD 2013). An especially vulnerable group is migrant women who are subjects of a double-disadvantage as migrants and as women. As lack of employment is one key challenge for them, entrepreneurship has the potential to provide employment. Within this scenario, bolstering […]

Business Excellence Awards winner

Around the world it is agreed entrepreneurship matters, this is the driving force behind a strong business environment. Having an entrepreneurial mindset brings creative solutions to problem solving, increased leadership skills and empowers not only the people involved but also the next generation. These enterprises created significantly boost the economy and importantly enhance the perception […]