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Wise Greece: Social Entrepreneurship is the Future

Long before the prestigious awards she received from the UN and the World Bank for the original idea implemented, Melina Taprantzi worked in marketing and communication. Her observation and the high sense of social responsibility pushed her to put Wise Greece into practice. A classic win-win situation with a not at all classic proposal, she […]

Areti Efstathiou – from Creativity to Success?

Young Female Entrepreneur equals independence, creativity, leadership, and many more. It is always lovely to hear about young people with their businesses, either big or small, especially women who made it through the difficulties and made their dream job their real-life job. One of these women is Areti Efstathiou, a young Fashion Designer who designs […]

Business Excellence Awards winner

Around the world it is agreed entrepreneurship matters, this is the driving force behind a strong business environment. Having an entrepreneurial mindset brings creative solutions to problem solving, increased leadership skills and empowers not only the people involved but also the next generation. These enterprises created significantly boost the economy and importantly enhance the perception […]

I celebrate being a woman, I celebrate being human. By Katerina Georgiadi

Today my diary says its March 8th. For the 46th consecutive time, the page of this day is also adorned by the phrase „International Women’s Day”. Among the various recognized international holidays, this one carries a special weight and importance. What does celebrating (or rather none) that she is -or feels- a woman means in […]

Emily Weiss – a woman who moved a beauty blog into a $1 billion brand

From 4 products to around 40. From initial $2 million in seed funding to the value of more than $1 billion. From 15000 followers to more than 3 million customers. Everything in 5 years. We are talking about Glossier – an online beauty start-up with simplicity as a key part and Emily Weiss as a […]