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Summary of the practice/ project (please specify the activities and methodologies implemented)

That project is aimed at women who want to do something for themselves. Because entrepreneurship concerns our whole life not only business. We teach women how they take care of their growth, health, money and better life in general. 

We have prepared a packet of trainings: online (webinars, lectures, workshops, live meetings) and offline about:

  • New start generally in life or in business
  • Connecting business and physical exercise in our daily life
  • Business generally (for example selling, negotiation, marketing, public speaking, persuasion)
  • Personal growth (for example confidence, communication, assertiveness)

We have products for free and paid products. We are building a community on a Facebook group and on our own platform. In our blog we write about things important to women and we invite to interviews women who achieved success and want to share their story.

We would like to built an community where enterprising women can find a support, knowledge and help in both crisis and prosperity situations. Our community members can help each other and build better business environment.

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